The first PDC workshop, PDC14.
The first PDC workshop, PDC14.

PDC14, the first workshop on Physics Dynamics Coupling, took place in December 2014, at CICESE. The coupling of physics parameterizations to the resolved fluid
dynamics is an important aspect of geophysical models. However, often model development is strictly segregated into either physics or
dynamics. Hence, this area has many more unanswered questions than in-depth understanding. Furthermore, recent developments in the design of dynamical cores (significant increase of resolution, move to non-hydrostatic equation sets etc), extended process physics (prognostic microphysics, 3D turbulence, non-vertical radiation etc) and predicted future changes of the computational infrastructure (Exascale with its need for task parallelism, data locality and asynchronous time stepping for example) is adding even more complexity and new questions.

This workshop brought the international leaders in the field together in order to exchange ideas on the state of the art, facilitate collaboration and instigate joint projects.

The program with (most) of the talks can be found at pdc.cicese.mx.